Friday, February 26, 2010

Market Motivated!

I am still on a happy high from market night at my LNS! Capitalizing on that enthusiasm, I challenged myself to finish stitching all of my market night purchases prior to next years market sale. Several of the designs are really small like this first finish from La D Da called Dragonfly Pin Keep, which I completed yesterday. I love how it turned out, but will love it even more once it is assembled! I included the market freebies in my challenge as there are so many that I truly love.


  1. Love it! love it! love it! Have you decided how to finish it? Did you like the NPS? Inquiring moms want to know these things :)
    happy dancing for you,

  2. You already have your first market finish, wow. Looks so gorgeous.
    I read about all your purchases in your last post and I can so easily relate to you feeling so happy with them all. It's always motivating to get new stash. I even get motivated when I go through my old stash and want to do nothing but stitch stitch stitch, lol.
    Enjoy all your new things.

  3. It's really pretty Tami...was that one of the freebies?