Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Cross Stitch Peddler's Market Night

Market night was awesome! As is our custom, my mother and I went together. Our LNS owner was so pretty... she had just got her hair done next door , so she would look great for her big night of the year. All of the people who showed up were people that we know and love from years of shopping and stitching together. Since I haven't been to any stitch ins (maybe one) since my three year old Sam was born, it was wonderful to connect with some of the people I haven't seen in awhile.

There were some great freebies in our gift bag.
"Love Heart" by Sam Sarah
"Joy Sheep" by Shepherd's Bush
"Recycle" by Lizzie Kate
"Pink Flower" and "Quaker Baby Seal" by Workbasket
"Springtime" by Val's Stuff
"Bird's Roundelay" by Ronde d'Oiseaux (I loved this one!)
"Wicked" by Primitive Needle
and "Spooky Halloween" by Sunflower Seed

I knew I was going to see the beautiful Hawk Run Hollow's Autumn, but there were some really great surprises too like Dragonfly Pin-keep Kit by La-D-Da and Glendon Place "Outrageous Owls". I got three new Shepherd's Bush kits, the biggie, "My Land" and two smaller ones, "Lucky" and "Liberty Pin Cushion". Mom sneaked two really sweet surprises into my bag : LK Spring Fab Fob kit with the cutest little scissors, and "Old South Church" by By the Bay Needleart.

Neither of us bought the Lighthouse Island chart that calls for the cute little fish thread keeps, because our LNS owner is going to do a class with it, and we will get it later. Along those lines though, I got the Jeanette Douglas Seaside accessory chart with embellishment package. The embellishment pack is small, but so pretty, you could hang it on the wall as decoration as is, lol. There is a little ruler in there, and a little orange starfish charm, and a little gold seahorse charm... so sweet!

I also got some yummy soap and Soap on a Whim body butter in my gift bag...the scent of the butter is Red Velvet Cake, and it definitley smells edible.

Mom had a great time too. No one knocked her down this year as did happen a couple of years ago! One of her many purchases was a large oval varnished shaker box wth a beautiful rabbit on the front. It comes with a rabbit chart designed by Prairie Moon. After the sale, we went to Burger King for chocolate pie and coffee so we could look at everything before going home to the inquiring eyes of our menfolk.

Anyway, I really had a ball, but it only happens once a year :)


  1. I just saw a picture of your haul on your mom's guys got some amazing things! I'm really trying hard to resist getting anything new but I don't know....

  2. Tami, you tell it better than I ever could. I would never attempt to go without you...thanks for running interference :)
    I like your idea of trying to get the market purchases this year stitched before market next year. That is a good goal and I'm going to get my mind wrapped around it soon. I need some quiet time!

  3. Lynda... lol... that was Mom's haul! We didn't photograph my haul, but it was a good haul too! You can't quit buying new stuff completely... just pick and choose what you really love! That's what I did this year, and I love everything.