Friday, March 26, 2010

Miranda Mermaid

Anyone who knows me, knows I love mermaids! To a young girl, they rank right up there with unicorns and fairy princesses... the best of imaginary friends. I worked on this while sitting with my father in the hospital last week as he recovered from colon resection surgery. The designer is one of my favorites, Tanya Anderson of The Sampler Girl, and the design is entitled Miranda Mermaid. I just used fabric and fibers that I had on hand, and made a few changes to the original chart to make it more "mine".

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lizzie Kate Spring Fab Fob

A Finish!This little design is a bright spot in a day of slushy, muddy snow and rainy drizzle. This winter has certainly boasted the messiest weather I have ever seen. Stitching colorful, flowery designs is a good way to combat the winter blahs! I did start Shepherd Bush's Blue Snowman last night...the closest thing to an actual snowman we will get in Hartselle, since our snow is (as I said above) quite slushy.