Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Best Things in Life... Aren't Things

I stitched this Waxing Moon design for my daughter, Adonna. She lives in Huntsville, Alabama with our grandson, Mark. Being a single mother is not an easy job, but she handles it with style. I think she and little Mark go to every children's show or concert in their city, and are always signing up for one activity or another. She was one of those teens reluctant to attend church with the family, and definitley reluctant to know the Lord. But, in answer to many prayers, she stopped resisting a couple of years ago, and accepted Jesus as her Savior. She is now praying for God to send a good man her way... a husband for her, a father for Mark. She shares that the wait is discouraging for her at times, but she stays very busy with her auditing/accounting job, going to school, her church, and of course, Mark.

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